Temporary Workers Are An Important Safety Risk

Temporary Workers Are An Important Safety Risk

Temporary workers are an important safety risk issue because they are unfamiliar with the workplace and company rules, and are on site for a limited time period. Temporary workers need to be trained in the company’s health and safety policies just as if they are part of the permanent staff. Temporary workers can be employed for a variety of reasons, such as cover for permanent employees who are off sick, or on holiday, or to cope with seasonal increases in workload. In many cases temporary workers are employed by an employment agency; these workers under the direct employ of these agencies.

Temporary workers should be provided with information on risks to their health and safety that have been identified by risk assessments. The temporary workers should also be shown the measures that have been taken to prevent or control these risks. The temporary workers must know what action should be taken in event of emergencies.

In case of an accident the workers’ employer is responsible for reporting accidents involving temporary workers. If a temporary worker has an accident while working for a host employer, the host employer should notify the worker’s employer immediately.

The duty to provide personal protective equipment to employees does not extend to temporary workers. The employment agency is responsible for ensuring personal protective equipment is provided. Most employment agencies may require temporary workers to supply their own equipment. The host employer is responsible for informing temporary workers’ employers of the risks involved with the work, and what personal protective equipment might be needed.

A comprehensive safety policy should include details about arrangements and procedures set up for specific health & safety issues to include temporary workers. Issues, for special occupational qualifications or skills the worker should have to perform safely, should be addressed. The temporary workers must be trained in the company’s health and safety policies and this must be documented.

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