U.S Census Bureau States By 2010, One Out Of Every Two Households In The Us Will Have A Home Business. Why Is That?

U.S Census Bureau States By 2010, One Out Of Every Two Households In The Us Will Have A Home Business. Why Is That?

The shrinking job market and improved productivity has led the U.S. Census Bureau to predict that within the next few years every other household in the country will have a home based business. Mainly due to the reduced number of jobs becoming available as the country is shifting from manufacturing to technology and service related industries.

Many of the new positions being created are for service, whether it is in communications or help-centers and the need for qualified individuals for these positions is relatively low. Most employees are still consumed by the past, with labor-intensive positions quickly becoming a thing of the past, without the ability to adapt to the new world labor market, most will be left out of the future workforce.

The prediction by the Census Bureau is based on the realization that many of the new jobs will be readily available as a Home based business. Allowing people to stay at home and still be productive providing a service that others are willing to pay for. Whether it is in technology as manning a help center or providing information for a hungry society, the prospects of a home business are growing every day.

Today’s market for information is growing at a tremendous and consistent pace. Advice about where to find a good home based business opportunity is constantly being sought and those that are successful in landing a business opportunity are usually quick to take advantage of the offering.

High income careers working for someone else are no longer in the future for many people as the pool of trained professionals continues to grow. As more companies trim their workforce, the displaced workers are flooding the market with attractive applicants and many are going to have to find other high income opportunities if they are to survive. The days of going from job to job simply because a change is wanted, has turned into finding a new position out of necessity.

As more employers increase productivity, the less-is-more mantra is rapidly becoming the buzz word in practically every field. From manufacturing to clerical it is becoming increasingly necessary to produce more with fewer people in order to stay competitive in a globally competitive market. Many positions, once thought to belong to the under-educated have shifted to overseas sources, costing thousands of US positions. These job losses, along with manufacturers moving operations to foreign soil, have reduced the number of available positions.

A number of people finding themselves out of work are able to take their years of experience and translate them into a budding career in a home based business offering leadership training and success coaching for those fortunate enough to have able to maintain their position. Especially with the loss of sales jobs, many are finding themselves unable to continue their sales careers and their experience can benefit others, regardless of the field they occupy.

It is an old belief that sales methods are the same no matter what is being sold, but product knowledge is necessary to be successful. With more people entering the field of selling technology, they may have the needed knowledge of the product but lack the skills needed to have a successful sales career. High income careers can be created by using the experience in past sales jobs to help train them in sales.

Many positions will be created, not by companies or industries, but by innovative individuals. It has been said throughout history that necessity is the mother of invention and as jobs are eliminated it becomes necessary for former employees to invent high income jobs they can perform to continue to enjoy their former lifestyle.

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