Aptitude Test – Know Yourself

Aptitude Test – Know Yourself

It it very important to know ourself well. In my career I have constantly try to figure out what do I want to do and what is suitable for me. Since secondary school time I have started to think hard on what I want to be in the future. During University time I did a lot of reading and test to understand myself more. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. However I don’t know where to start and what industry I should go into. I have tried to start some small business in university time and I learned that passion is very important. I simply need to love what I am doing. So I planned to gain some working experience before I go into any business. I started my career as a programmer. I figure out that I wanted to become an system analyst, which I have already achieve it today, after 5 years of working.

I did an aptitude test on Test You Own Job Aptitude by Jim Barret and Geoff Williams 6 years ago which I think its worth to mention. Following are the results of my test. According to the test I am a mixed of Research and Literary type. Below are some descriptions of the categories:


This attraction shows how much you enjoy acquiring knowledge. As a result of this you seem prepared to devoted a great deal of time to study and the careers which appeal to you generally need academic, professional or special qualifications.

At school, you would have preferred scientific subjects, particularly the main-stream diciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. You will have enjoyed objective problem solving and being able to sift through information in order to draw conclusions. You will have enjoyed experimenting and working with formulae.

Careers in this category: astronomer, bacteriologist, botanist, chemist, dietitian, mathematician, microbiologist, physicist, surgeon, computer scientist


You are attracted by carrers involving words, ideas and communication. You will be happy reading or writing a lot – probaly both. Other interests or activities might also appeal, but these can be saved for leisure time. It is with a literary activity that you want to spend most of your time.

If you have not been engaged in literary events hitherto, it is possible that your self-awareness has changed. Perhaps now is the time to find out whether you have any talent. Some people have produced a first novel after retirement.

Careers in this category are: actor/actress, editor, historian, interpreter, journalist, language teacher, librarian, literary critic, novelist, proof reader

Research and Literary

You may be able to combine these preferences in a career which fuses science with art. In this case, you are likely to be high qualified: you will be one of the lucky few who are very highly specialised and for whom there are careers available. Most careers will be in an academic or educational environment. If your background is in research you may also have a literary talent which allows you to write about your subject. Additioanl personal skills would be required if you are to be successful in presenting your work to others as a lecturer or trainer.

Careers in this category are: anthropologist, archaelogist, information scientist, science writer, technical writer.

I found that the test result are indeed very true for myself, not only 6 years ago, but even until today it remains true. Today I am a system analyst, but that is not my final destination. I have something else that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to further my study in master degree. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I know that I need to focus on one at a time.

Knowing yourself is important. It helps you to keep focus on your lifelong journey.

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