Relocating To Spain

Relocating To Spain

Moving to Spain is not something to do too quickly, as it is a big decision. You should visit the country a few times before moving, which will not only help you become familiar with the area but also with the culture and communities in which you will be living. You can visit several regions and cities such as the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Barcelona and Madrid, for example. Generally, research the city you will call home and learn everything you can. This will lead to a smoother move and help alleviate any anxiety you may have for such a major decision. There are a few things to consider during your planning and preparation phase, such as employment, transportation, paperwork and accommodations.

The paperwork required depends on the country you are moving from, as the requirements for countries vary. The requirements for countries which are members of the European Union will be different than countries which are not members. You can contact the Spanish Consulate for the exact requirements, but you should confirm this information early to allow for enough time to comply and gather the appropriate documents.

You should also ask the consulate about the requirements for a driver’s license. You will also need to decide on your source of transportation and whether or not you will bring your car, sell it or purchase a new car in Spain. If you decide not to bring your car, you may need to rent a car until you purchase one. This should, of course, be temporary as it can get expensive. You will also need to arrange for insurance with a local carrier.

If you are moving to Spain for purposes of job relocation, then you fortunately will not have to worry about finding employment. Some companies offer financial assistance for such relocations, or may at least reimburse you for some or all of the associated expenses. Some choose to use relocation services, professional companies or organizations which can help you get settled into your new country. They can help you find somewhere to live, register your children in school and generally help familiarize you with the area and services. However, if you are not moving because of job relocation, then you should start job hunting early. The internet is a good source for employment opportunities.

You will, obviously, need to find somewhere to live. A real estate agent can assist you in locating a place to either purchase or rent, whatever you decide. If you plan to purchase, it would be a good idea to make several trips to view properties. If you need to sell your current home prior to moving, start early to provide yourself with enough time to sell the property before needing to purchase another home in Spain.

Generally, though, be sure you have enough money to live on for a while, giving you time to find employment, get settled and on a predictable monthly budget. The better you prepare before the move, the smoother move it will be.

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