Work From Home-at Any Old Age!

Work From Home/at Any Old Age!

The beauty of a Home Based Internet Business is that it does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of his/her age.

Governments the world-over appear determined to see the average person (ie: the people who pay their wages and very healthy retirement benefits) work until it is far too late to enjoy any semblance of retirement. Here in Australia, our Prime Minister (John Howard) and his Treasurer (Peter Costello), think it is necessary for us all to consider working until we are into our seventies.

What they (the Governments) do not understand is that age-discrimination is a huge drawback to the mature-aged worker when seeking employment. Ideas put in place in an attempt to address this problem are farcical. In many cases, if you lose you job for any reason at age 45 and over, you are constantly overlooked in favour of younger people who command less in wages, and who may provide a longer term of potential employment. Experienced Workers are often left to struggle for months, or even years, on Social Security payments.

I know this for a fact, as despite 30 years and a wealth of experience in the workforce, I found myself on the scrap-heap at a tender 45 years of age. However, you can not let it get you down as, in my case, there was 3 teenage girls and a wonderful wife to support, a home mortgage to take care of, a motor vehicle to maintain, and endless bills to pay. Sound familiar to you?

This is where a Home Based Internet Business can provide much needed financial support and employment when you need it most. And your boss will not care how old (or young) you are, because the boss will be YOU!!!! Get up late, work in your pyjamas, go play golf. It will not matter because you will be working for yourself. Your Home Based Internet Business will not happen overnight, but careful planning will ultimately see you succeed and build the lifestyle you so richly deserve. Imagine, residual income being earned, even while you are away on vacation!

There is a multitude of Home Based Internet Business opportunities available world-wide, and you will find one that perfectly suits your level of interest and budget. But do not forget the Golden Rule. If it sounds too good to be true, then it generally is.

So whether you are 18 or 88, and are looking for part or full time income, take a serious look at starting up your very own Home Based Internet Business.


Yours In Business,
Kevin Hiscock

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