Home-Based Business – We Are Family

Home-Based Business – We Are Family

Is a home-based business more profitable than working for someone else? Probably not – at least not initially.

Let me present a comparison for employment in the corporate world vs. home-based business employment.

In Favor of Corporate Employment

Perks such as insurance and vacation.
Stability in the form of a regular paycheck and designated hours.
Interaction with other office personnel.
Very little risk is required.
You may not need to be a decision maker

In Favor of Home-Based Business

The satisfaction of developing something unique to your personality.
The courage to accept risk and give life to your dream.
Are on hand to help in family emergencies.
The joy of determining your own course and making your own decisions.
Interaction with family.
Perks such as personally meeting a need for both customer and family.

I’m happy to say the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in home-based businesses. More and more people are leaving the corporate world in favor of the hard work associated with a home-based business. The risks are dwarfed by the rewards in most cases and families are fighting to find a way to connect in a greater way.

In times past one income may have been sufficient to meet the needs of most families. However, time and taxes have a way of making two incomes something more than just a luxury in the 21st century.

Moms especially may find themselves very interested in a way that will allow them to interact with their children while bringing in income. Many have discovered that home-based businesses can offer the opportunity to be a stay-at-home parent and provide for the financial well being of the family.

Interestingly many of these new home-based business owners are also finding that some of the expenses they incurred in the corporate world are minimized. There is no commute expense, no specific wardrobe to consider and daycare is all but eliminated.

Some home-based business owners have found they can actually make less and still provide a greater overall benefit to the family income.

Many home-based business owners will also say that family communication and connections also improved once a home-based business was established.

I suppose some home-based businesses were developed as a means of reclaiming a sense of family unity – a defense mechanism if you will.

Whatever the reasons for home-based business development, the trend continues to grow as personal passion for a product or service is fused with the reclamation of family.

In the end, home-based business is a mechanism that is bringing families closer together. If for no other reason, this is reason enough to celebrate.

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