Florida workers compensation and information on Workers Compensation

Florida employees compensation and details on Employees Compensation

You have a permanent problems which has actually resulted in a work-related physical limitation which might impact your ability to carry out the duties of your typical profession or other suitable employment. If this physical constraint causes you to lose earnings, you may be entitled to fringe benefit payments under the Florida Workers Payment Law.

Within 5 working days of its first competency of the date of short-lived partial disability, the claims handling entity shall send by mail to the worker an informational letter, which discusses the staff member’s qualification for temporary partial wage loss advantages,

You may be ineligible for wage loss benefits during that duration. In addition, to be eligible for wage loss advantages, you have to demonstrate that you have made a legitimate effort to obtain suitable gainful work and that your loss of incomes is due to your job-related physical constraint and NOT due to economic conditions, the unavailability of tasks, your unemployment due to misconduct or your failure to accept employment within your abilities. To reveal that you have made a genuine effort to get work, list the dates, names, addresses, type of work, person contacted and the phone number of the locations of employment that you have actually called.

Florida Workers’ Payment Law enables us to assess your efforts to get gainful work beginning with the 13th week after you have reached optimal medical enhancement.

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